The eBook of Kinky Sex Ideas

46 ratings

The eBook of Kinky Sex Ideas is the kinky sex handbook for everyone looking to learn new positions and practical advice.

The eBook of Kinky Sex Ideas consists of 4 main chapters (date ideas, kinky sex ideas, role play ideas, bondage ideas) spread out over 150 pages, with 186 illustrated ideas.

This eBook is fully Kickstarter-funded: our idea was widely accepted and the project ended up being 253% funded.


Since Gumroad lacks a written review feature, we collected feedback via our newsletter:

''We have and look forward to all the exciting experiences to come with it. Thank you so much. We are truly happy with the quality and attention to detail.''

''Inspiring overview that’s easy to comprehend thanks to the illustrations.''

''A great guide to changing things up for couples. Very useful options for all couples regardless of the level of comfort.''

''This is a really fun book to read with your partner. You will be inspired, learn something new, and get excited about trying new sexy adventures.''

''Great new ideas for the bedroom. Choosing an idea from the book with my partner is great fun.''

''The illustrations are wonderfully done and the different ideas are not outdone by them at all. The book contains an easily accessible amount of ideas for couples that are want to spice things up but just don't have the knowledge.''

''A good book to start the conversation of non-vanilla sex with your partner or to expand the conversation.''

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The eBook of Kinky Sex Ideas

46 ratings
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