The eBook of Kinky Sex Ideas

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The eBook of Kinky Sex Ideas

Spices of Lust
39 ratings

The eBook of Kinky Sex Ideas is the ideal handbook for anyone looking to take the pressure off and seamlessly integrate new ideas. 

The eBook of Kinky Sex Ideas consists of 4 main chapters spread out over 150 pages, with more than 180 illustrated ideas.

Before you scroll down, here's me scrolling through the eBook:

  • Introduction in consent & safety;
  • Aftercare guide:
  • Date ideas;
  • Kinky sex ideas;
  • Role-play ideas;
  • Bondage ideas;
  • Gear guide.

You'll get the eBook in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats.

Unfortunately, there are no written reviews on Gumroad, but here is some feedback we got:

''Got your book! Great stuff! Keep it coming! ''

'' Loving your positions and advice. Thank you.''

''I love it, great ideas!!! Can’t wait to try several of them! Thanks so much. ''

''We absolutely love the e-book! It's awesome.''

''We’re gonna have to do some of these this weekend ❤️❤️ thanks a bunch.''

''Yeah I got it, and I love it.''

''Yeah, I've received my eBook. It is amazing.''

''I have received my eBook, and I love it. If you ever decide to do a printed copy of this or something similar I would definitely be interested.''

''Many thanks! It's an amazing book''

''We have and look forward to all the exciting experiences to come with it. Thank you so much. We are truly happy with the quality and attention to detail.''

''The book is lovely, thank you so much!''

''So many new ideas in there to try!''

Slutty Girl Problems, one of the top 10 sex bloggers in the world, reviewed our eBook. Read the review!

We recently ran a survey among folks who bought the eBook. Here's what they said:

''Inspiring overview that’s easy to comprehend thanks to the illustrations.''

''A great guide to changing things up for couples. Very useful options for all couples regardless of the level of comfort.''

''This is a really fun book to read with your partner. You will be inspired, learn something new, and get excited about trying new sexy adventures.''

''Great new ideas for the bedroom. Choosing an idea from the book with my partner is great fun.''

''A must for all couples and singles aided with super fantabulous illustrations as well.''

''The illustrations are wonderfully done and the different ideas are not outdone by them at all. The book contains an easily accessible amount of ideas for couples that are want to spice things up but just don't have the knowledge.''

''Book had a lot of useful information and good ideas.''

''A good book to start the conversation of non-vanilla sex with your partner or to expand the conversation.''

The eBook of Kinky Sex Ideas is fully Kickstarter-funded.

Our idea was widely accepted and the project ended up being 253% funded.

Initial idea was to include 50 illustrations but since we managed to get more money than what was needed, we decided to do 186 illustrations instead.

  • How many ideas are there exactly?

The eBook has 186 illustrated ideas, divided into 4 categories.

  • Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get a sample of the eBook, this way you’ll have a better insight into what you’re going to buy.

  • We are a same-sex couple. Should we get the eBook?

The eBook is written and created from our perspective and every idea includes an image of a heterosexual couple. However, the majority of ideas can be tried by same-sex couples and are not limited to heterosexual couples.

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